About the Community Benefits Ordinance



Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) provide a tool to help ensure that public investments have a true community benefit, rather than only benefiting powerful and private development interests. CBAs engage residents in the decision-making process, and includes a legally binding contract that holds the developer accountable to the agreement. CBAs are win-win solution for both, the developers and the community.

CBAs address inequality within Detroit. We want to ensure that as we usher in a “new Detroit” that those within “old Detroit” are not left out. CBAs can expand education, economic development, housing, and health opportunities for many Detroiters that are not presently benefiting from the new wave investment in the city. For too long, the city has given our tax money to large developers who only harm our communities and leave us in worse condition than before they arrived. CBAs exist as a way to put community at the table with developers; if we invest in your project, you should invest in our communities.

The proposed Community Benefits Ordinance now before City Council would hold large-scale developers that receive public investment like grants, tax abatements, transfers of city-owned land or property and other subsidies, accountable to the communities that the development directly impacts.



Click HERE to read the full text of the proposed Community Benefits Ordinance 

Click HERE to compare the Rise Together (Proposal A) Ordinance to the Benson Plan (Proposal B) 

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